Who am I? (Good question!)
Hi there, I'm Ross, originally from Cheshire and currently living between Manchester and Bournemouth.
I've been doing photography for the past 8 years in various genres and it has been an interesting journey so far, but this is where the real work begins and I'm excited about what the future holds!
I have a degree in Commercial Photography from The Arts University Bournemouth so I guess that means I can take a decent picture.
In the next year I have plans to expand my portfolio, continue to learn new techniques and hopefully undertake a traveling documentary project just to name a few things. 

Please feel free to browse through my images, I am available for hire anywhere in the UK for the right concept / event and can be contacted on the information available to the left on this page.

What do I do apart from Photography?
  • Cook, Clean and Wash
  • Consume, count and burn calories
  • Spend time moving iron in a warehouse
  • Speed around a track in a Kart
  • Paintballing
  • Play on play areas (swings are always a winner)
  • Play Roulette on the odd occasion (Always start with Red!)

What do I enjoy shooting? (Apart from other people on the paintball field!)
Well, that's a good question! One that consists of two parts really, first of all as you can probably tell I like to shoot sports, whether that be action or editorially. I suppose this comes from my fascination with capturing the perfect moment of a sport, the image that conveys the most impact. Moreover, I like the interaction with people, the satisfaction of showing somebody else what they do in a way that makes them proud.

Secondly, I like shooting Documentary/Editorial for my personal work on subjects that I don't really know much about. So that I get a chance to continue making work and also learn about the subject itself.
Email: Heale_whittle@me.com
Phone & WhatsApp: 07518403387
Twitter: @rcrmn 
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