Bournemouth Food Bank

This is a series that I worked on in conjunction with Bournemouth Food Bank in early 2013 to document the behind the scenes look at what goes on in the establishment.
The workers at Bournemouth Food Bank are all volunteers, giving their own time up on a daily basis to give back to the local community, each having their own reasons for doing so.

The project was undertaken to highlight the severity of the problem that an ever increasing amount of people face everyday within the local community. Along with bringing awareness to people who would otherwise not know about such a place or problem. More and more we're seeing people who aren't able to afford food because of rising living costs and cuts in certain benefit schemes that they may be a part of, places like this are here to help alleviate some of the strain that problem causes.

The Food Bank has helped over 6,600 people in the last year alone, supplying over 19 tonnes of food to those in need. Currently, the Food Bank is helping around 150 people a week on average, equating to over a tonne of food per week.


The food that is supplied in these packages will last three days and is intended to bridge the gap between the start of the crisis and the start of continued support being put in place.

You can visit the Food Bank website on the following link.

Bournemouth Food Bank Website

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